Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (PE – UHMW) occupies the extreme end of the polyethylene performance spectrum. With a molecular weight ranging from 3 to 7 million g/mol, PE – UHMW linear polymer chains are 1 O times longer than conventional High Den• sity Polyethylene (HDPE).

This unique molecular structure gives  PE –  UHMW it’s exceptional properties like below:

Density : 0.92 – 0.96 g/cm3 I Abrasion resistance (sand slurry test) • 70 – 120 %
Tensile strength at yield : 15 – 20 Mpa Shore hardness D • 63 – 68o
Notched impact strength : 80 – 170 kJ/m2 Max. cont. temperature : 80 C Aruba-Tech UHMWPE properties have met the full range of material flow. Friction and wear challenge associated with bulk materials.

Excellent properties for PE-UHMW to handle bulk:
  • 1.Very low dynamic  friction coefficient(15)

  • 2.Extreme  wear resistance  (200%higherthanstainlesssteel)

  • 3.Resistance to chemicals

  • 4.Corrosion resistance

  • 5.High  impact strength(upto170kJ/m2)

  • 6.Service temperature range-260 C to +BOC

Benefits of our UHMWPE as a lining:
  • 1.No incrustations of bulkmaterial

  • 2.No bridging  caused  in hoppers

  • 3.Faster  bulk material  flow

  • 4.Costo  flining exist hopper with uhmwpe  is one third of the cost of mild steel

  • 5.PE-UHMW is half the weight of steel. despite  being three limes as thick

UHMWPE Lining can be cut to customer size. All different colors are available.


buy nolvadex Chutes, Silos, Bins, Launders for fines handling declaimer buckets conveyor skirting, truck beds liners etc. where the surface to be lined needs excellent flow ability and abrasion wear resistance.